Hole in the Wall Restoration uses EPA-approved disinfectants that are applied using electrostatic sprayers to ensure Coronavirus disinfection in contact surfaces throughout your business.

Coronavirus Disinfection: Show Customers You Care by Disinfecting your Resort, Hotel and Restaurant’s Common Areas

COVID-19 has changed the way everyone does business and the Hospitality Industry in Orlando is making the necessary adjustments to the “new normal” by ensuring the safety of their guests with Coronavirus disinfection

Cleanliness in the Hospitality Industry is everything. After all, when people walk into a restaurant or check into a hotel or resort, they expect to arrive to a safe environment where they can feel free of worry. Failing to provide that comfort level will inevitably result in a loss of future business, negative online reviews and bad publicity at a time when you need all the help you can get to remain operational with paying customers concerned about Coronavirus disinfection.

During the COVID-19 health crisis we have all given some thought about going back to local businesses during a pandemic, wondering if the staff has cleansed the restaurant tables where we will eat or if the hotel rooms and bathrooms have been disinfected to eliminate the threat of Coronavirus. Many people with underlying medical issues know that the threat to them is imminent in an environment without the proper sanitization and Coronavirus disinfection protocols to decrease or eliminate contagion.

And here’s the kicker—whether you believe that the COVID-19 threat is real or not, your customers are the ones who will be the judge of your proactive actions. We live in a time when everyone passes judgment easily based on perceptions created by the actions—or lack thereof—by a business owner, its management or staff. Disinfecting common areas where customers sit, stand or interact with staff are an imperative to ensure your business will be seen with a favorable perspective.

Hole in the Wall Restoration uses state-of-the-art electrostatic spraying tools to safely apply our Coronavirus disinfection every surface in your hospitality venue, such as:

  • Hotel or Resort Guest Rooms or Bathrooms
  • Restaurant Tables and Counter Areas
  • Lobby Furniture, Tables and Door Handles
  • Restrooms and other Common Areas with High Customer Traffic

The Coronavirus disinfection process begins with an assessment of your location, the areas where staff and customers normally occupy, and the risks associated with contact with surfaces of all kinds—whether it is door handles, counters, tables, and other areas of your business where people are likely to make physical contact.

We use the latest equipment for Coronavirus disinfection, which includes electrostatic spray guns containing safe-use EPA-approved disinfectants that can kill over 65 types of viruses and bacteria—including COVID-19 and similar variants—to safely remove the threat. This is the best protection available for commercial applications in the market and Hole in the Wall Restoration has a team of people who can handle periodic visits to your business in multiple locations.

In addition, Hole in the Wall Restoration helps you communicate the Coronavirus disinfection process with a Certificate of Disinfection you can display in your Front Desk, Restaurant Entrance and other areas where customers are likely to question the level of sanitation after their cleaning. These days, your customers want to know you are doing your part and our 3rd party validation will help set them at ease.

Coronavirus disinfection by Hole in the Wall Restoration is a proactive action that can also benefit your insurance policy as a business owner or manager. However, the most important benefit is in your marketing and public relations efforts, which ensures you are communicating to the market your intention to be effective, proactive and focused on making the guest experience the best they’ve ever had.

Contact Hole in the Wall Restoration today to request a quote for Coronavirus Disinfection and take control of your business’ public image during the current COVID-19 health crisis.