Wet Drywall Today can be a Mold Problem Tomorrow

It can take as little as 48 hours for mold to develop (and is some cases as early as 18 hours) if an area is not dried immediately after it gets wet, particularly inside walls and ceilings—so, chances are, you may have a few moldy spots around your home

When one day you notice a wet area on your wall or ceiling, many questions will come to mind: Do I have a broken pipe behind the wall? Is my roof leaking down into the ceiling? Did my kids let the bathtub overflow?

Mold Removal ServicesWhether you know there is water damage to your drywall or not, you will also be wondering how long it has been there or if there is mold behind the drywall. Chances are there may be mold because here in Florida mold is a common problem in most homes.

Wet drywall can mean a broken pipe or a leaky roof and yes, sometime it can mean mold. A professionally-certified water mitigation technician can help determine if there is a mold problem.

A water mitigation tech will develop a plan to dry the wet area using professional-grade air blowers and dehumidifiers. In many cases, the drywall may need to be removed and replaced with new drywall.

If mold is found to be present on the drywall or behind it, then precautionary steps will need to be taken. Initially this will require containing and sanitizing the area affected by mold, using HEPA air filtration devices, followed by thorough drying—all while monitoring moisture levels to ensure the mold will not return.

While all wet drywall is not dangerous, it can become a dangerous problem over time if left unresolved without the use of professional help. Our techs hold professional certificates issued by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), ensuring your peace of mind throughout the remediation process.

Trust the knowledge of Hole in the Wall Restoration to identify, treat and resolve any mold problems resulting from wet drywall areas. Don’t allow your family to be exposed to mold spores in a damaged wall or ceiling—act today to reduce health problems tomorrow.

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